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Piper Band Pictured left to right: Steve, Charlie, Mark, and Dennis

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First... it was about the music.

Piper is a band first formed in the early eighties that toured the Midwest for several years. The original band members were Dennis Cotner, Steve Culberson, Mark Sinkhorn and Charlie Smith.

...From music to business.

It was great fun. We grew. We went into business. We never stopped loving music.

Piper Band Pictured left to right: Charlie and Mark

Mark had a successful career in the engineering profession.
Charlie traveled the world in leadership positions with Caterpillar.

...From business to causes.

Piper today is Charlie and Mark. Collaborating from their respective studios to create music to the glory of God and to support causes they are passionate about. Watch Charlie and Mark talk about how they came together to start Piper.


Collaborators from Around the World

Causes We Support

Music with a Purpose

One of our goals is raise awareness and funds for our causes. If they speak to you... contribute, click the link below. Even $10 makes a difference! If there are other causes that you are passionate about... pay it forward! Contribute to them!

Junior Achievement of Arizona Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Kentucky Humane Society Women’s Orchestra of Arizona